Babywearing benefits everyone!

For most parents, there is nothing quite like holding a newborn baby in our arms. Early on, we usually have the time to enjoy moments of our baby sleeping in our arms or on our chest. And then the reality of our busy lives sets in… everyday chores demand our time, not to mention if we have other children who need our love and attention too.

Your newborn is still dependent on you for love and comfort, so by carrying your little one, busy mums and dads don’t have to give up the enjoyment and benefits of keeping their baby close. You can go about your daily life simply ‘wearing’ your baby in a wrap carrier.

ByKay’s range of ergonomic baby carriers offer all the benefits of carrying your little one, and they offer so much more… here’s some of the reasons why.

HIP HAPPY – the optimal positioning for your baby’s legs in a carrier is with their knees up above their hips in a ‘squat’ position and with their legs separated. When you pick up your little one, they instinctively draw their legs up and across your body.

BACK FRIENDLY – babies are not born with the secondary spinal curves of the neck and lower back. These are developed over time through various ‘self-activated’ movements such as holding up their head during tummy time and as they begin to crawl. Wearing your baby facing inward promotes the natural development of your baby’s “C” curve.

BABY BONDING – babies have an innate need to be close to their carer. By wearing your baby facing you it enhances their communication, heightens their sense of security and promotes optimal neurological development. This early bonding is considered to lay the foundation for empathy and the ability to relates to other people.

Carry Your Love! All ways x